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Ken Miller

EMS Medical Director

Dr. Miller is a board-certified emergency physician with a subspecialty certification in Emergency Medical Services, has a Ph.D. in pharmacology and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Senior Executives in State and Local Government fellowship.

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Michael Cabano

Interim Director, Medical-Health Operations Area Coordinator

Mike has been with the EMS Agency since March of 2010. Prior to joining the Agency he held various roles within the EMS System since beginning his career in 1999.

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John Blain

EMS Specialist, Contract Management

John Blain serves as an EMS Specialist and has been with the Santa Clara County EMS Agency since 2002.

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Christopher Duncan

EMS Specialist, Data Management

Chris brings more than 20 years experience in emergency medical services management to his role as an EMS Specialist.

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Manuel Elias

Office Specialist

Manuel Elias has been serving the EMS system since 2014 as an Office Specialist III, with administrative support roles.

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Daniel Franklin

EMS Specialist, Investigations and Enforcement, DICO

Daniel has been with the EMS agency since 2012.

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Dustin Gonzalez

EMS Specialist, Clinical Quality Improvement

Dustin holds a BA in History from Santa Clara University and has been a licensed paramedic since 2005.

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Gabriela Modglin

EMS Specialist, Training and Education

Gabriela Modglin joined the EMS Agency in 2024 and is assigned to the Training & Education Unit.

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Patricia Natividad

Senior Management Analyst

Patricia Natividad has worked as an Analyst with the EMS Agency since 2001.

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Evangelina Ortiz

Administrative Assistant

Evangelina (Eva) is the Administrative Assistant for EMS and assists in the certification, credentialing and accreditation administrative process within the Santa Clara County EMS Agency.

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Isaac Quevedo

EMS Specialist, Permits and Credentialing

Isaac has been licensed as a paramedic since 2004.

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John Sampson

EMS Specialist, Clinical Quality Improvement

John Sampson joined the EMS Agency in 2014, and is assigned to pre-hospital quality assurance (CQI).

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David Sullivan

EMS Specialist, Special Operations

David Sullivan is assigned to the Special Operations Unit.

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Lisa Vajgrt-Smith BSN, MPH

Specialty Programs Nurse Coordinator

Lisa Vajgrt-Smith, graduated with a B.S.N. from Creighton University in 2004. She enjoyed working as a bedside nurse for over 10 years, feeling most comfortable in the float-pool role.

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Jason Weed

EMS Specialist, Field Operations, Logistics

Jason has been a licensed paramedic since 2001. Jason has served as an EMS Specialist with the Santa Clara County EMS Agency since 2011.

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